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Men's Calendar


19th January | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

22nd January | Saturday 

Kinnamond Trophy Mixed Foursomes 


26th January | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

29th January | Saturday 



2nd February | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)


5th February | Saturday


6th February | Sunday

Toko  - Waitangi Day Open Mixed 4BBB


9th February | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

12-13 February | Saturday / Sunday

O'Malley Classic 2-Day Tournament

16th February | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

19th February | Saturday 

1st Round Summer Cup

Toko / Lawrence: IN Golf Two Course Challenge

21 February | Sunday

Toko / Lawrence: IN Golf Two Course Challenge

23rd February | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

26th February | Saturday

Final Round Summer Cup


“Super Seniors Trophy” runs during March. Total of 2 best netts.

2nd March | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

5th March | Saturday


9th March | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

12th March | Saturday

1st Round Stroke Play and Qualifying Club Champs

16th March | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

17th March | Thursday

St Patrick's Day Fun Tournament

19th March | Saturday

2nd Round Stroke Play and Qualifying Club Champs

23rd March | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

26th March | Saturday

3rd Round Stroke Play and Qualifying Club Champs

27th March | Sunday

Tapanui: Men's & Ladies' Blue Mountain Cup

30th March | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)


13 January | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:30pm)

16 January | Saturday


Tony Tourell Memorial

Toko: Summer Fun Mixed Open Tournament

20 January | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:30pm)

23 January | Saturday


Clinton: Lions Open Mixed Tournament

27 January | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:30pm)

30 January | Saturday

Kinnamond Trophy Mixed Foursomes

Men's & Ladies' Otago Stroke Play Championship 54 Holes

31 January | Sunday

Men's & Ladies' Otago Stroke Play Championship

2nd April | Saturday

Quarter Final Club Champs

6th April | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

9th April | Saturday

Semi Finals Club Champs

10th April | Sunday

Finals Men's & Ladies' Club Champs

Lawrence: Lions Tournament

13th April | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

16th April | Saturday

Easter Stableford

Golf Otago AGM & Sub Association Challenge Trophies – South

17th April | Sunday

Kaitangata Mens and Ladies Easter Chicken Run and Ocean View Cup

Lawrence: Lions Tournament

20th April | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

23rd April | Saturday

Par Match

24th April | Sunday  

Silver Fern Farms Tournament

25th April | Monday  ANZAC Day

Toko: Milton Lions Anzac Day Open Mixed Tournament

27th April | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

30th April | Saturday



4th May | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

Allan Grange – Cockies Clasic

7th May | Saturday

Triple Nett

11th May | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

Tapanui: Mid-Week Tournament – Mixed

14th May | Saturday

3 Clubs Only Shootout

15th May | Sunday

Men's Pennants Start

18th May | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

21st May | Saturday

Medal / Putting

25th May | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

28th May | Saturday



1st June | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

4th June | Saturday

1st Round 4BBB Knockout

6th June | Monday

Clinton: Queen's Birthday 4BBB – South Otago Men's / Women's / Mixed Foursomes

8th June | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

11th June | Saturday

2nd Round 4BBB Knockout

15th June | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

Heriot: Mid-Week Mixed Tournament

18th June | Saturday

Medal & Interclub Winton Golf Club

22nd June | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

25th June | Saturday

3rd Round 4BBB Knockout & Flights

29th June | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)


2nd July | Saturday

4th Round 4BBB Knockout & Flights

6th July | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

Clinton: Mid-Week Men's & Ladies' Tournament

9th July | Saturday

5th Round 4BBB Knockout & Leng Plate

10th July | Sunday

South Otago Champs @ Tapanui

13th July | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

16th July | Saturday


20th July | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

23rd July | Saturday


27th July | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

310th July | Saturday

Liverpool Cup

Combined Stableford


3rd August | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

6th August | Saturday


10th August | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

13th  August | Saturday


14th August | Sunday

Champions of Otago – Central TBC

17 August | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

20th August | Saturday


24thAugust | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

27th August | Saturday

1st Round Thompson Cup

31st August | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)


3rd September | Saturday

2nd Round Thompson Cup

7th September | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

10th September | Saturday

3rd Round Thompson Cup / Old Smugglers Cup

14th September | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

17th September | Saturday

Balclutha Round Table Tournament

21st September | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

24th September | Saturday

Medal / Putting

28th September | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)


1st October | Saturday


Three Putt Trip

2nd October | Sunday

Kaitangata: Men's & Ladies' 18 Hole Tournament

5th October | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

8th October | Saturday

1st Round Single Knockout & Collins Cup

Toko: Milton Tiny's Butchery Open Mixed Tournament

9th October | Sunday

Otago Pennant Finals  – North TBC

12th October | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

15th October | Saturday

2nd Round Single Knockout & Collins Cup

19th October | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

22nd October | Saturday

3rd Round Single Knockout & Collins Cup / Flights

26th October | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

29th October | Saturday

Semi Finals Single Knockout / Collins Cup


2nd November | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

5th November | Saturday

Finals Single Knockout / Collins Cup / Flights

6th November | Sunday

Heriot: Mixed Tournament 27 Holes

9th November | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

12th November | Saturday

Gore: Townsend Cup Interchange

16th November | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

19th November | Saturday

Harry Gray Mixed Foursome / Canadian Format

20th November | Sunday

Lawrence Open

23rd November | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

26 November  | Saturday



1 December | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

3rd/4th December | Saturday / Sunday

Guthrie Bowron 2 Day Tournament

7th December | Wednesday

BGC Vets (1:00pm)

10th December | Saturday

CLOSING DAY & Prize Giving

Doug Paterson Memorial Trophy

14th December | Wednesday

BGC Vets Closing Day (1:00pm)

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