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Golf Club

Located in the Balclutha hills, our 18-hole course is full of challenges.
Enjoy a round of golf with the locals, then join us for a drink in the clubhouse.

A hole at the Balclutha golf club

Club days

Men: Wednesday and Saturday

Ladies: Tuesday and Saturday

Tee off at 12:30pm. All welcome.


Membership and hiring

Green fees: $20 for 9 holes, $30 for 18

Annual membership: $500

Carts and clubs available for hire. ​

Hire the clubhouse for private functions.

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The Course

Our 18-hole course is 5,353 metres, par 71 for the men, and 5,011 metres, par 74 for the ladies.

Hole 1

Par 3, 142 metres

Tough little par 3. Must be accurate off the tee, as there is trouble left and right. Scores can mount quickly if this isn’t done.

Hole 2

Par 5, 411 metres

Watch out for the trees on your left. Fairway slopes from right to left, then past a bunker and a steep gully on the right.

Hole 3

Par 3, 120 metres

Over the ditch, up the hill, avoid sand. Bunker on your right.

Hole 4

Men: Par 4, 378 metres

Ladies: Par 5, 377 metres

Slightly elevated tee. Fairway slopes from right to left. Can be brutally long during the winter months.

Hole 5

Men: Par 5, 417 metres

Ladies: Par 5, 399 metres

Par 5, reachable in 2 for the big hitters. Watch going right of the green, as it can wreck your day.

Hole 6

Men: Par 4, 362 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 314 metres

Long par 4, straight down the middle and nothing can go wrong.

Hole 7

Men: Par 4, 322 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 306 metres

Gully to the right, ponds to avoid. A great par 4 that requires some strategic thinking.

Hole 8 

Men: Par 4, 264 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 222 metres

Short par 4 to entice the big hitters. With out of bounds on the left and trees on the right, you’ll need to take care with this one. 

Hole 9

Men: Par 4, 295 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 239 metres

Uphill, slight dog-leg left, and out of bounds on your left all the way. 

Hole 10

Men: Par 3, 169 metres

Ladies: Par 3, 144 metres

Great par 3. Out of bounds on your left, and all carry up the hill.

Hole 11

Men: Par 4, 376 metres

Ladies: Par 5, 376 metres

A long, sloping green. Slight dog-leg left requires a good drive to reach the green with your second.

Hole 12

Men: Par 4, 306 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 316 metres

Shorter par 4 back down a slight hill to a target green. Accuracy is the key here.

Hole 13

Men: Par 5, 435 metres

Ladies: Par 5, 385 metres

Over the hill. Out of bounds on the right for the second shot and trees to the left.

Hole 14

Par 3, 88 metres

Simple birdie hole over the gully. Avoid the bunkers and don’t go long – the chip back can be scary!

Hole 15

Men: Par 3, 149 metres

Ladies: Par 3, 142 metres

Downhill par 3 that can change dramatically depending on the wind. Out of bounds and trees to the right, with a nasty wee pot bunker to the left.

Hole 16

Men: Par 4, 281 metres

Ladies: Par 4, 235 metres

Named the Short Cut for the bigger hitters. Who can go over the trees? With out of bounds on the right, most hit out to the fairway. Dog-leg to the right. Second shot to the green or play your approach short. Lots of left-to-right roll.

Hole 17

Men: Par 4, 338 metres

Ladies: Par 5, 345 metres

Slight dog-leg left with hazards down the left. A good tee shot can set up an all carry second to green, with a great backstop behind.

Hole 18

Par 5, 450 metres

Great finishing par 5 downhill. Reachable in two with a good tee shot, but still plenty of trouble with trees and out of bounds behind the green.

Contact us

Join us in the clubhouse 7 days a week.

23 Golfers Dr
Balclutha 9230

(03) 418 2171

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